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Build your Restaurant WEBSITE

We are Doitfy (Do-it-fy), a Restaurant Web Design Agency which utilizes the Wix platform to create you a stunning, functional restaurant website.  We are here to let you do what do you best: focus on serving your amazing costumers

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WhY have 
A website

90% of customers research your business online before dinning.  If you don't have a website or it doesn't fairly represent your service, then it's time for a change. It's time to build it with Doitfy. We as your Restaurant Web Design Agency will build you a website that accurately reflect the environment and experience you try so hard to cultivate in your physical location. Let's make a good first impression.  

amazing Menu

  • Why shy away from sharing your delicious dishes to the world. With a website you can exhibit the excellent meals you share with your costumers 24/7

  • Edit anytime. Item no longer available. Price changed. No worries, change it on your website to keep your costumers informed immediately

Successful Restaurant Owner

PHySICAL Location

70% of consumers rather order directly from their local restaurant than use a third party. Your costumers want to order from YOU! So let us allow you serve the 60% of US consumers who order take out at least once week. You're no longer limited to serving within your physical location. It's time to go online and expand beyond your physical location. 



Make it easier for customers to see your services on their phone. 89% of users use their phone when viewing the restaurant website & 70% of users believe it critical to read the menu on their phone. So let's make it easier for you to make sales. 

excuse me, 
where... ? 

Make it easier to find and contact your restaurant. Clearly reveal your: 

  • Phone Numer

  • Email

  • Location (Give Directions)

  • Business Hours

  • Social Media 

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Shop Owner Portrait

Now, how May doitfy Serve YOU ? 

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